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    American Horror Story: Easter

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    Happy birthday marijuana

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Largest amount of swag I have ever witnessed


    Largest amount of swag I have ever witnessed

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    The modern Genderist movement has emerged via Internet culture as a reaction to feminist theory. Contrary to feminist belief, it posits without any academic reasoning that gender is an innate quality but also a fluid, interchangeable entity. In doing so it argues that biological sex does not determine the presence of social oppression and nor does Genderism acknowledge the existence of sex-based social class. The ultimate result of these faith-based beliefs is a de-gendering of social issues, in which feminist theory is depoliticized and stripped of social power. Genderists argue that abortion is not to be discussed as a female-only issue, due to their belief that personal identity trumps biological reality, and in doing so, Genderism strips women of their freedom to openly discuss issues that affect how women are viewed by society.
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    You say radical feminists don’t want you, as someone who identifies as transgender, to exist. This is a non-truth and a non-argument. Radical feminists don’t want gender to exist. Gender is not equivalent to human life. Gender is what immiserates human life; specifically, the lives of women.

    You say that, as someone who “feels like a woman” and “presents like a woman”, you are harassed and threatened on the street. I’m sorry. Nobody should have to endure that. But let’s be clear: the men who do this—we all know who the perpetrators are—either think you are a woman (and therefore want sex) or think you are a man who looks too much like a woman (and therefore want to punish you for defying the hierarchy).

    I strive to never downplay or deny the cruelty faced by any human being. The cruelty you endure and the cruelty that any transgender-identifying person endures is wrong and should be fought tooth and nail. That you experience cruelty, however, does not make you a woman.

    Radical feminists are on the front-lines of the fight for human rights and against injustice. They are striving to abolish one of the world’s most powerful institutions. They are striving to live in a world where human beings can just be human beings, regardless of how we like to dress or talk or act.

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    I love that age when little girls get really weird and mystical and savage

    Like nine through eleven years old, those are some weird years for us

    Man that was a rough few years for me but god I was wonderfully strange.

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    Anonymous asked: like Im all for treating woman with respect, I am a fucking woman for fuck sakes, but you are putting way to much energy in to pointing this shit out. And shaming others for their sexuality because it doesn't seem right in your eyes or you dont agree with it because of womans rights pfft. I am a woman, and i fucking love roleplaying, I love rough hardcore sex, and there's nothing wrong with that, stop telling people they are in the wrong, when you are.


    Studies show that after viewing pornography men are more likely to:

    • report decreased empathy for rape victims
    • have increasingly aggressive behavioral tendencies
    • report believing that a woman who dresses provocatively deserves to be raped
    • report anger at women who flirt but then refuse to have sex
    • report decreased sexual interest in their girlfriends or wives
    • report increased interest in coercing partners into unwanted sex acts (Bridges, 2006) (Yang, Gahyun, 2012).


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Cudi at Coachella


    Cudi at Coachella