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perspective is everything

It took me like 16 tries to figure out what I was looking at.

I’m not ready for this shit holy balls…




    perspective is everything

    It took me like 16 tries to figure out what I was looking at.

    I’m not ready for this shit holy balls…

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    Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in this thread! Your comments are much appreciated.  The listing has been edited for clarity. 

    Just for clarity and transparency, you morally bankrupt little puke, I’m going to reblog your bullshit “clarification” in it’s entirety before I rip it to fucking shreds.

    “First of all, I would like to start off with an apology.”

    Excellent start!

    “I am sorry, femmes”

    Excuse the fuck out of me? You owe someone an apology, but it sure isn’t femmes. Try again.

    “for all of the heat that you took for posting this pin on someone’s wall, reblogging it on tumblr, giggling because it struck a chord, or pointing it out in certain company to try to start a conversation that ended up going sideways.”

    Gee, because insinuating that butches shouldn’t be trusted, butches who held the fucking gates and fought the battles and started the Stonewall Riots, can’t be trusted, is “trying to start a conversation that ended up going sideways”. No, it didn’t go sideways, it was skewed to hell to begin with. Those butches you don’t trust have taken more heat than your shitty undercut queer self would know what to do with, and they have never asked for anything more than respect you refuse to give them.

    “That was an unforeseen consequence.”

    You don’t fucking say? What a fucking surprise. Jesus Christ, you’re ignorant as well as amoral.

    “Next, and this should go without saying; I have amazing butches in my life. Like, a bunch, in a ton of different roles.”

    Really? Do you also totally, like, have Chicano friends so it’s totally okay for you to wander around being all “trust no cholo lol!” Cmon now, your ignorance is obvious. You don’t need to waggle it around. I feel sorry for your butch friends, to be honest.

    “Do I trust them all? You bet. Did I when I met them? No way.”

    Because you’re an asshole. Obviously.

    “Cause here’s a slippery thing about butch, from way over here, looking back on where I used to live; the easiest way to do it is to be kind of a jerk!”

    Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit (shout out to my homegirl who came up with that!) I guess you’d fucking know, eh? Shit, you could teach a seminar on How To Recognize Assholes. I’ll even donate the mirrors.

    “Take up some space, center yourself, get a little condescending; you know, strap on some of the low-hanging trappings of misogyny.”

    God forbid a woman assert herself and take up space. Jesus Christ almighty whatever shall we do. Seriously, fuck that noise.

    I’m not down for misogyny, but saying “trust no butch” is a pretty prime example. I’d trust a butch to save my life before I trusted you with a pet pebble.

    “That’s exhausting to be around, and it’s JV.”

    You know what’s exhausting? Your solipsistic navel gazing attempt at justification. Give me a butch taking up space over you wasting my time any goddamn day.

    “In the very particular context of this pin, beginning to trust a butch starts with getting to see first-hand that that they’ve put away casual sexism as a tenet of their gender. That their butch is varsity.”

    Whereas some glitterqueer lesbophobic etsy queen is totally kosher, as she shills her wares to the lesbian community. Fuck that, hypocrite. You wanna talk Varsity, let’s fuckin go.

    “Please ask yourself. When you first saw this, did it hurt your feelings?”

    Holy shit, or maybe it’s just fucking offensive and lesbophobic. Maybe that’s why their feelings get hurt. I’m not even a butch, but I’ve known butches I’ve just met to put themselves bodily between me and men, knowing full well that’s a good way to end up dead. Butches have historically protected out communities, often at the risk of their own lives.

    They’re entitled to their feelings when some sad little shill trying to make bank ignores that history and then tries to justify herself.

    “Did you get upset that someone else saw a glint of truth in it? Did your heart start to form the words, “Not all butches!!”? Did you pause to consider some reasons that might necessitate its creation?”

    Now you’re comparing butches to MRA’s who go out and murder women. This! Right here, this is why lesbians don’t want shitall to do with queers. You fuckers are vampires.

    “”It’s just a drop in the bucket compared to [the sexism] we get from dudes all the time!” Sure. But it’s the saltiest drop as it comes from our own.”

    As opposed to some queermo throwing butches under the bus to get some stars on etsy. That’s not “coming from our own”. You’re not my own, don’t presume to speak for me. I’d rather chew glass.

    “If you’d prefer to hear similar sentiments written by a butch, this link may be of interest: http://www.autostraddle.com/butch-please-butch-with-a-side-of-misogyny-174442/

    Because Autostraddle is a neo-liberal post-modernist piece of shit that has always been butch-hostile, especially in it’s new iteration as queequee gender central.

    That’s bullshit.

    “What do you do to identify and dismantle the sexism that exists within the queer and lesbian communities? Which team did you make?”

    Well personally, I call your shit out, and embrace my butch sisters for who they are.

    I trust butches. You? You’re in it for the fucking cash, and I wouldn’t trust you if you offered to pay me in Labrador puppies.

    Grow some fucking decency and respect the women who have held this community together for decades before you were born.

    *standing ovation*

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orange kitty family


    orange kitty family

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    lol I will delete other people’s captions whenever I want

    sometimes that shit is stupid as fuck

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    excuse you


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    Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

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    More Bookshelves Hiding Secret Rooms


    There is no doubt that I will have one of these in my house some day.

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    ***reminder that fat girls don’t have to be feminine/wear lots of make-up to be beautiful***

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